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Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is a binding agreement between Educated Traveler (Owners/Operators of InfoHub) and the person or entity (“you” or “your”) on whose behalf this Agreement is executed. For the remainder of this agreement, whenever you read "InfoHub" this shall mean "Educated Traveler" (for the sake of simplicity, as InfoHub is a service of Educated Traveler).

This Agreement governs your use of the InfoHub service.


Please read this Agreement carefully prior to ordering the InfoHub Service. This Agreement and any subsequent modifications thereto, exclusively govern your use of the Service. This Agreement represents the complete agreement and understanding between you and InfoHub and supersedes any other written or oral agreement. You shall continue to be bound by these terms and conditions and any updates to them until your account has been closed by InfoHub and confirmation provided with respect to the same. Use of your Account at any time shall constitute your acceptance and approval of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

By investing in the InfoHub service you agree to the following:

1.0 Use of service and expectations:

InfoHub has been established to help tourists, new expats and investors in finding highly useful information about the Dominican Republic, and for now, certain popular towns, as well as to help you in screening potential suppliers or tradespeople to save hassle, money and time. However as information is an endless thing, then it shall be clear from the outset, that for your one-time investment, the information found in this site "well covers the fee you invested", and over time even more information will be added at the speed decided by InfoHub and the staff. Also, InfoHub is NOT a site for finding a specific object of neither rentals or real estate (instead we display agents and contact details). InfoHub also DOES NOT promote prostitutes or support drugs or any other illegal activity.

2.0 Cancellation of Services in General:

Should you as a client of InfoHub at any stage wish to cancel (Terminate your account) then this can be done in writing to, however, NO REFUNDS will be given UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, as we cannot take our information back. Should InfoHub find you're not respecting clause 4.0 then InfoHub reserves the right to instantly cancel your account with NO REFUND being applicable.

3.0 Non-Refundable Fees:

As you would gain instant access to very valuable information, then once you have signed up / paid for the InfoHub service, then UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY REFUNDS BE OFFERED OR PAID OUT.

4.0 Communication and boundaries:

InfoHub has a link called "Suggest content" and such suggestions will seriously be considered for future launch, however, InfoHub neither guarantees that such content will be added, or if it does when it will be added (such decisions shall be entirely by the management of InfoHub). Should you at any stage want to ask any questions, then such answers will be answered ONLY at AN ADDITIONAL COST quoted by InfoHub, which you'll be able to pay either through an up-front donation or by you acquiring consultancy services at the going hourly rate at that time. It is your responsibility to provide a valid and operational electronic mail address and to check that address for e-mails sent to you. The use of profanity in language, or abuse towards any InfoHub employee via e-mail or any other form of communication, will result in an instant cancellation without any refund.

5.0 Length of service:

As much as the "One-time joining fee" does apply, then a subscription to InfoHub will be for at least "one full year". Should InfoHub after this decide at any stage to change or close the service, then the service purchased by you shall be deemed "fully delivered" even if InfoHub after the one year chose to cancel your account.

6.0 Non-Transferability of Accounts:

InfoHub accounts cannot be transferred or used by anyone other than the subscriber. You may not sell, lease, rent or assign accounts to any party that has not expressly accepted and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Violations of any of the provisions of this Section are grounds for the suspension and/or violation of a user account, and would result in instant account termination.

7.0 Indemnification of InfoHub:

You agree to, and shall, without limitation or exception, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless InfoHub *Educated Traveler) and its staff, management, sub-contractors or agents from and against any claim, demand, action, damages, liability, loss, costs, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, due in whole or in part to any breach or violation of this Agreement.

8.0 Permitted Use:

A subscription to InfoHub, is a guide to the "best available information or suppliers" at that time in this area, however, you as the client must beyond this, do your own screening, negotiating and due diligence when connecting with suppliers, or using the presented information, and InfoHub will at no stage get involved in or take any responsibility for any of the outcomes or dealings you had from using this information - in other words, it's a guide, not gospel!

9.0 Geographical areas for information supplied:

Until further notice, InfoHub in its initial stage will primarily provide detailed information and contacts to tradespeople, shops, and suppliers for the Sosua / Cabarete townships and surrounding areas, as well as general nationwide travel, relocation, and investment information. Over time, every month you'll notice more and more information being added to InfoHub, and our aim is to add more detailed information about many other towns and cities as well.

10.0 Uptime and technical issues:

InfoHub uses a US-based hosting service, which has a very high "uptime" however should the site be down for reasons of the hosting company having some possible down-time, then we ask you to be patient, as such issues are usually resolved quite fast. When using InfoHub, then some browsers might not perform as well as others. It has been tested to perform well on the most known and popular browsers.

11.0 Use of personal information:

Your personal or card details will not be either sold or shared with any other third party.

12.0 Disclaimer of Warranties:

InfoHub makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed, statutory, or implied for the service provided under this Agreement and expressly disclaims the same. Your use of the InfoHub service is at your sole risk. The InfoHub service is provided on an "as is" basis. Unless otherwise set forth herein, InfoHub expressly disclaims all promises, representations, and warranties relating to its service.

13.0 Limitation of Liability.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that InfoHub shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary losses or damages, including without limitation damages for losses in negotiations/dealings with anyone in the Dominican Republic, downtime, failure to realize savings and value, or other indirect losses.

14.0 No Agency.

The relationship between you and InfoHub is that of a "subscription-based client", and not an agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this Agreement.

15.0 Binding Obligation and Authority.

You represent and warrant that you have read and understood this Agreement and that it constitutes a valid and legally binding agreement; and that you have full power, authority and legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and perform your obligations hereunder.

16.0 Force Majeure.

InfoHub shall not be responsible for delays or failures in performing its obligations under this Agreement due to events of force majeure or any other cause beyond its reasonable control.

17.0 This Agreement may be amended by InfoHub at any stage, and it's up to the client to save a copy of the current terms, otherwise, the latest terms shall be deemed the valid ones.