What is InfoHub?

Hi there, this is Mr.T writing! InfoHub is a unique site, which I have developed to assist people like yourself, in getting you fast-tracked to gaining access to over a decade of my travel, living and business experience here in DR.


This also includes solid contacts to shops and trades people, primarily in the Sosua / Cabarete area (and soon other towns), with highly useful and money/stress saving information, right at your very finger tips! The “trust factor” here in DR, is one of the most crucial parts of staying safe, keeping your hard-earned cash from being scammed off you, and in achieving your goals down here (whatever they might be).


So assuming you’ve found my video information to be ethical, helpful, money and time saving, then you should become happy that you joined InfoHub, as with this information system, I’ll supply you with solid and highly useful information and contacts rather than you having to make blind choices down here. For more personalized consulting, click here “Relocation Consultancy”


By investing, you’ll instantly be able to gain access to 3 main information sections:


1) General Travel Information for Dominican Republic
2) Relocation Advise for settling part or full-time (for now mainly for Sosua / Cabarete)
3) Investing in Property, Land and Business (for now mainly for Sosua / Cabarete)


More information will be added to InfoHub every month, so you’ll be able to gain a lot additional info over time as well.

What Locations are Covered?

Inside InfoHub, you’ll find highly useful travel information relating to Dominican Republic in general, yet when it comes to Relocation or Expat advise, then for now I’m mainly focusing on the Sosua / Cabarete area (and some information relating to Puerto Plata and down coast through to Cabrera).


These are the towns that I myself, and my contacts, are more skilled on, and it’s also where most new foreigners choose to move too, both for language reasons, and to live where there’s a lot of culture, beaches and a superb climate.

How much is it to join?

Even though the information found inside InfoHub could potentially save you thousands of dollars, lots of guesswork, and unnecessary stress, then as a start-out special, I’m only going to ask USD$19.95 for you to gain access (A one-time joining fee!!)


To join our infohub, please email us, so we can send you a secure payment link. Please note that currently, we can set up an account for you manually (ONLY). We accept PayPal, Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, BTC, and cash.


“An ounce of prevention, is better than a pound of cure!”

Comments from InfoHub users

“I joined and love this new information source. Thank for such a great concept.” – Tony Rabachuk
“Amazing new service from a consummate professional!” – Scott Leckie
“Information is power, and if you are visiting the Dominican Republic, don’t leave home without it. Picking the brain of an expert expat will save you thousands. In this case, it’s in one place and easy to use. Spend next to nothing and save a lot.” – Bruce Baxter